Monday, May 21, 2012



How pretty is this shade of blue?  It reminds me of the colour of the water you see when you travel the Caribbean.  The paper on this card is by K&Company, flower is Prima, metal frame by Making Memories, with added lace, pearls, rub-on and ribbon. 

What a beautiful long Victoria Day weekend as far as weather goes.  I could do without all the fireworks that some people feel they need to ignite until 1 in the morning but not much you can do about it other than ban them all together.  Thanks to everyone for stopping by - have a great week!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gingham and things

Another pretty birthday card made with Echo Park paper and some yellow gingham ribbon.  I love gingham.  For some reason, it always reminds me of when I was a kid.  I guess we wore a lot of gingham back then or something. 

Lots of thunderstorms today which made it difficult for me to fit in my walk.  I don't mind a gentle rain but violent  hail and gusty winds are not my thing.  I finally got out around 5:00 which made dinner late and then my housecleaning late and my meal planning late and no time to watch Survivor which I ended up taping. 

Hope you enjoyed looking!

Monday, May 7, 2012


What a busy week this has been.  On Thursday, I attended a dinner through work recognizing those with 20, 30 and 40 years of service.  For 30 years, I was presented with a lovely white gold pendant with 6 diamonds - one for each 5 years of service - plus a gift card for my spending pleasure.  Though I detest getting up on stage in front of everyone, it's not like I had to give a speech or do a soft shoe routine so it worked out fine.  Plus, the dinner was excellent. 

On Saturday night, I went to see Jerry Seinfeld live and he was just as funny as I imagined he would be.  I had tears rolling down my cheeks after the first few minutes which is rare as I am not really a comedian fan.  Given that "Seinfeld" is in my top favourite shows of all time, it was only right that I should see Jerry live.

This card was done with some K&Company paper and made for a 95-year old lady (good for her!).  I'm sure I have said this before but I love the tulle-y ribbon on the card.  It's all stretchy and easy to apply - no fuss, no muss.  Florals are so popular this year on everything and I think the lady will be happy to receive this.

I have a milliion things to do before I sleep so I best sign off.  Hope to post again much sooner than I did this time.  Thanks for stopping by!