Monday, May 7, 2012


What a busy week this has been.  On Thursday, I attended a dinner through work recognizing those with 20, 30 and 40 years of service.  For 30 years, I was presented with a lovely white gold pendant with 6 diamonds - one for each 5 years of service - plus a gift card for my spending pleasure.  Though I detest getting up on stage in front of everyone, it's not like I had to give a speech or do a soft shoe routine so it worked out fine.  Plus, the dinner was excellent. 

On Saturday night, I went to see Jerry Seinfeld live and he was just as funny as I imagined he would be.  I had tears rolling down my cheeks after the first few minutes which is rare as I am not really a comedian fan.  Given that "Seinfeld" is in my top favourite shows of all time, it was only right that I should see Jerry live.

This card was done with some K&Company paper and made for a 95-year old lady (good for her!).  I'm sure I have said this before but I love the tulle-y ribbon on the card.  It's all stretchy and easy to apply - no fuss, no muss.  Florals are so popular this year on everything and I think the lady will be happy to receive this.

I have a milliion things to do before I sleep so I best sign off.  Hope to post again much sooner than I did this time.  Thanks for stopping by!

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