Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sympathy card

I made up this card the other day with some beautiful new paper called "Curio Textiles". The paper is double sided and all coordinates perfectly which makes it that much easier for me. I added some lace, ribbon and a flower then printed the sentiment on the computer. Very simple and just right when offering sympathies.

I had a lovely dinner out with my family tonight and am sitting here thinking why did I eat so much? The problem is, when I have an outing like that planned, I tend not to eat a lot throughout the day. By the time I get to dinner, I am famished and eat everything in sight. You'd think I would have learned by now.

I've had a very long day today so will keep this short. Thanks to everyone for looking and for all of you enjoying a long weekend, have a great one!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My girlfriend asked me to make a card for her brother's dog "Shelby" who recently passed away. They always called her their princess so what could be more fitting than a lovely jewelled crown. I love these colours - very girly and regal at the same time exactly like Shelby from what my girlfriend has told me.

I ventured out yesterday into the very, very cold day over to my scrapbook store. It was under the guise of just looking but you know it never turns out that way. $100.00 later I was on my way until the next time. I seriously think I have a paper addiction and wonder if it might be wise to get into a 12-step programme. How much paper can one person need?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cutie Pie

I had to post this cute picture of Kona that I took last week. He was laying on my bed and looked up with his sleepy eyes just as I snapped the picture. I then framed it through one of the apps on my Ipod. I'll have to post a pic of Kenya as well just to give equal time.


I was very lazy this year and only made one special Valentine's Day card - for my mom. All the others, I bought. I think I need to plan my holidays more carefully and start making projects months in advance rather than waiting until the week before. Like, maybe I should start doing Christmas cards now and then there's not the rush and panic when November arrives and nothing is done. I'm sure this is how organized people think and I should really look into it further.

Thank you to those of you who loyally follow my blog despite my absences. Another late night tonight but I'll try to get something posted tomorrow.

Belated Posting

It seems every time I blog, I am apologizing for taking so long to post something new. Between work, working overtime and God knows what else I am doing, this seems to fall last on the list of priorities. Not that I don't do a lot of thinking about making new projects, but they just never seem to come to fruition as often as I would like.

This card is made with a few different papers - My Mind's Eye, 7 Gypsies, Webster's Pages. The rub-on is Melissa Frances and the pretty flower is Prima. So many people seem to be turning 50 lately though they do say 50 is the new 40. I'm not so sure about that but I suppose it beats 50 being the new 60.

Is everyone getting all this horrible snow? I know I complained about the storm we had last week until my good friend Jan told me they in Chicago got 3 times what we did and I decided I wasn't so hard done by after all.