Sunday, June 20, 2010

A day for dads

I hope you were all super good to your dads today. Though my dad is no longer with us, the family went out for lunch in celebration of his memory. Dad loved good food so I know he would have been pleased with anything revolving around breakfast, lunch or dinner!

I made this card with some Anna Griffin paper and some scraps of other paper I had in my paper drawers. The flowers are Prima, rubon is Melissa Frances and the pretty lace frame is K&Company.

Things are rolling along and almost back to normal. The cats are good though Kenya is being a little bugger about eating his special food. Now I know why they call them finnicky. Grandma came to visit today so the boys were happy about that. I'm in the midst of doing 6 weeks worth of laundry. I really should do it more often and then I wouldn't find myself facing 4 hours of what I consider one of the worst chores ever. I often think it's easier just to go buy new clothes.

Have a great week and thanks for looking.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cats and their toys

Who's getting more enjoyment from the new television? Mom or the kids?

Kenya adores his hammock. In fact, the last one got so stretched out that it was literally hanging on the floor. So, in fact, it was no longer a hammock but a piece of canvas on the ground. The new one is a little better. I think these things are meant for petite, dainty 10-pound cats not my 20-pounders. Kenya seems to be almost back to normal with the exception of his extreme dislike for the new food he has to eat. Any suggestions how to get a cat to eat something he really doesn't want to eat???

Meow means thank you in "cat"

I wanted to make a special card for the vet that did Kenya's operation and I thought this was cutely appropriate. The paper is DCWV and the cats are cut from my Cricut "Animal Kingdom" cartridge. I added a couple of corners, a Melissa Frances rubon, a cute little Jolees mouse, some silver eyelets and ribbon.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Better

So, things are getting better both for Kenya and for me though not without a couple of glitches. He went to the vet today and had his stitches out which I'm sure felt good. He was just happy that he didn't have to stay.

It was another busy day for me. I was able to get one project done in between everything else so that's a productive day!. This card uses My Minds Eye papers, a Prima flower, Melissa Frances rubons, a couple of stick on pearls and lace and ribbon.

My new television arrives tomorrow so I am very excited. You don't realize how much you miss something until it's gone. Though I have a small TV in the bedroom, I do enjoy one in the living room as well. I went with a 46" Sony flatscreen which I'm sure will be akin to sitting front row in a movie theatre but what the heck. Anyway, I had to get the 28" Sony Trinitron off its stand and out of the apartment. If you are not familiar with these televisions, they are great TV's but they are behemoths. Luckily, my building owner happened to be around today and he very kindly assisted me. Well, he did the work and I watched.

I spent forever on the computer this morning trying to get Paul McCartney tickets. He is coming to Toronto in August and always puts on a great show. I mean, he's a Beatle - how could it not be great??? I hate the whole ticket-purchasing system because you know there are a million other people with the same goal as you - get any ticket they can For the longest time, the site told me there was nothing available so I figured they were sold out. However, persistence paid off and I was able to get two.

This second card is done with K&Company paper. I cut the butterfly with my Cricut machine and added a few embellishments to make it all pretty.

I know I mentioned at the top of this post that things with Kenya were getting better....which they are. However, this morning he decided he would a) throw up a hairball b) poo on the bathroom carpet and c) do the biggest pee I have ever seen in the middle of the bed. I know he was sick but this is pushing it. I took a picture of the cleaned up pee just to show how big this thing was. It's like a crop circle. And how was your day?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Things have been running much more smoothly around here today. Everyone finally settled down this morning around 5:30 and slept soundly until just after noon. Kenya seems much more comfortable and actually ate and drank a little bit. The vet figures the new antibiotics didn't agree with him so, once we stopped those, Kenya improved. Crossed fingers, it continues.

I love this card. I got the design idea from one of my favourite bloggers, Melissa Phillips. She is one of the most talented paper afficionados I have seen on the web and I aspire to possess one tenth of her talent. I used some more 7 Gypsies paper, a chipboard frame, Making Memories rubon, and some lace, ribbon and various buttons and stick-on embellishments.

I must get myself turned around after last night's fiasco so it's an early night tonight. Have a great week.

A Hellish Week

I cannot tell you what a hellish two and a half weeks I have had. As I posted before, my cat, Kenya, had what I thought was a urinary tract infection. Well, after 3 different antibiotics, it was not getting any better and the vet discovered it was stones. So....Kenya had to go in for surgery last Tuesday. That part went well. He has been home since Wednesday and the first two days, he did great. However, we are now back to him peeing everywhere, including all over the bedding and I am tearing my hair out. He can't settle down so I am up all night with him. Last week, I was on night shift and it just about killed me. At least this week I am off.

I took Kenya back to the vet on Friday and we are watching him over the weekend. Yesterday, he did great. Last night and this morning, right back to ground zero. I just feel so bad for him and I don't know what to do to help. between all this nonsense, I was able to get a card done. The paper is 7 Gypsies and the embellishments are pretty simple since it's for a male. I have quite a few orders to get done this week. Time shouldn't be a problem since I have a spare 8 hours every day that I'm not sleeping.

Hopefully, my next post will bring better news. I'm right on the edge and we have to get it resolved!