Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Girl

This is a cute little card that I made for my girlfriend's birthday using some s*e*i paper, a couple of Prima flowers, Making Memories brads and my favourite Martha Stewart punch. I had hoped to get more projects done this week but I have been sick as a dog with a cold and it was all I could do to keep my head up and my eyes focused. My chores have been piling up so I guess that's my goal for the day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In the beginning.....

I found these photos on an old memory card I was going through and recognize them as cards I did a few years ago just after I started paper crafting. It's interesting to see how my "style" has changed and also to realize that, as much as I thought it impossible, I was a worse photographer then than I am now.

Thanks for your concern

A couple of my blog friends have asked about Kona and how he is doing which I really appreciate. He seems to be back to his old self as seen in the above photo taken this morning. The vet never did know what caused the blood - he thought maybe Kona bit his tongue when he went to throw up or gagged so hard he strained something. We're just going to watch him for now and hope it doesn't happen again. He and Kenya are very happy in their shoe box and lid and very obviously avoid getting into the $50.00 kitty hammock that mom ordered them from the Internet.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

With apologies for being a bad blogger.....

It has been awhile since my last post though, for the life of me, I don't know where the time goes. I suppose work takes up most of my time and procrastination another good portion of the day. However, I'm back at it with a couple of cards I made this weekend (and what a beautiful bright, sunny weekend it was!).

I owe a nod to Melissa Phillips for the inspiration behind this card. It was done with Scribble Scrabble and k&company papers, some Prima flowers and Melissa Frances rubons. Pretty simple but very pretty.

This card was made for a friend who is adopting a new kitten. She recently lost her elderly cat so a new baby is sure to brighten her life. This is done with Doodlebug paper (including some of my favourite black "velvet"). The heart is Maya Road, edges were cut with a Martha Stewart punch, the cat sticker is Fiskars, brads are Doodlebug and the rub-on is Melissa Frances.

Sadly, my cat Kona and I ended up in the emergency vet again yesterday. He went to throw up, as cats do, but blood came out rather than anything else. These things always, always happen when my regular vet is unavailable so I drove him down to emerg where he very patiently (and cutely, I might add, in his sweater that grandma knit) went through the motions of being poked, prodded and observed. It was also a little embarrassing as Kona did not smell the best. We have been catsitting Orphy next door and Kona loves, for some unknown reason, to roll around in Orphy's litter box, be it clean or not. I figured there was no sense cleaning him up until our catsitting stint was over tomorrow. It's a take on the old adage - always wear clean underwear in case you have to go to the hospital. To their credit, emerg was great and we were in and out within half an hour. Of course, not before paying our $287.00 bill. I should have had kids - they would have been cheaper.

I have also been busily watching a ton of movies, trying to see all of them that are nominated for the upcoming Academy Awards. Most are excellent though not the most upbeat but I honestly cannot say that I could pick a winner as they are all so different. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Family Day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cards that stand alone

Once I finish this post, I am off, yet again, to shovel my car off. How can so much snow keep falling from the sky? Then, I have an exciting afternoon of cleaning and house chores to keep me busy. Yesterday was spent cleaning out one whole closet. I got some new clothes hangers for Christmas which motivated me to get going on the job. I'm sure you are thinking how motivating can hangers be but, seriously, these are the best! They are all soft and nicely rounded so you don't get all those horrible hanger bumps in your sweaters. Truly, take a look for yourself - Apparently, I have way more clothes than I did hangers so I'm going to have to order some more before I can tackle the next closet. You gotta love procrastination.

I always think it's important that each card I make have its own personality. Even though I may use the same paper and colour combination on two different cards, I like to think that each is individual and unique. Above, both cards were done from the identical Basic Grey paper in identical layouts. One is for a 40th Birthday and the other for a colleague who is leaving the shift. I cut some stars from Cricut "George" and added some buttons, rubons and twine. Unfortunately, my printer seems to have died after I had a massive paper jam. I'm thinking that my shoving my fingers in there did not help matters and probably was the cause of the death. Never put your hand where you wouldn't put your face and things will be fine.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Milestone Birthdays

A friend asked me to make her a card for her dad's 75th Birthday so I did this out of some Basic Grey paper - very masculine and regal. I cut the "75" from Cricut cartridge "George" and the balloons from Cricut "Stretch Your Imagination". The "dad" rubon is from Melissa Frances and the hearts Maya Road.

I'm having a do-everything-at-once day today where I have so many things to do, I don't know where to start or stop so I have a little bit of this going and a little bit of that. Hopefully, this will give me some time tonight to sit and relax. that's going to happen.

Nope....the snow's still there

Here is Kenya, patiently waiting for his lunch though there is very little patience when either of them is hungry. I am a little worried about him as he has been having these sneezing fits lately for which is is currently on medication. Actually, he has had bouts of sneezing on and off for several years and we always thought it was allergy-related but now the vet is not so sure. Hopefully, everything is OK.

I knew it was wishful thinking but I checked and all the snow seems to still be intact. I KNOW the ice is still there because I almost took a header on it at the car wash. And what does that dumb groundhog know anyway - 6 more weeks of winter??

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A couple of projects to share......

I was out the other day and picked up some new paper by Basic Grey. Rather than buying the big 12x12 sheets, these are half the size all nicely packed in a paper pad that can be easily stored. You can't get any easier than that.

The first card is a sympathy card for a friend who lost her mother. I added a couple of Prima flowers and a little heart from Maya Road, an edge from my favourite Martha Stewart punch and printed up the sentiment on my computer.

The second card is for a 70th birthday and I was able to use my Cricut "Stretch your Imagination" cartridge for the birthday cake. I really think I will get a lot of use out of that cartridge as it's so versatile. I covered a Maya Road heart in gold Stickles and added a couple of rub-on sentiments plus some stitching.

It's such a nice change to see sunshine out there today with some slightly warmer temperatures. I was hoping the 6' of snow we have would all melt but I think I set my expectations too high. Oh well, baby steps........