Monday, February 2, 2009

Nope....the snow's still there

Here is Kenya, patiently waiting for his lunch though there is very little patience when either of them is hungry. I am a little worried about him as he has been having these sneezing fits lately for which is is currently on medication. Actually, he has had bouts of sneezing on and off for several years and we always thought it was allergy-related but now the vet is not so sure. Hopefully, everything is OK.

I knew it was wishful thinking but I checked and all the snow seems to still be intact. I KNOW the ice is still there because I almost took a header on it at the car wash. And what does that dumb groundhog know anyway - 6 more weeks of winter??

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Anonymous said...

I hope Kenya is feeling better soon! But he can't feel that bad if he is still eating. At least you almost took a header I took a bottomer and fell right on my a** a few weeks ago! I have had it with winter!!!!