Monday, July 26, 2010

Is feeling better than your worst still getting better?

I hate colds and I hate feeling less than my best. Being sick puts you completely out of your routine and is just good for nothing, in my opinion. Having said that, while yesterday was probably the worst of it (I hope), today is marginally not the worst so, in fact, better. I hesitate to use the word "better" as I still feel crappy but I think a lot of that is due to Nyquil hangover.

Anyway, enough of that......I love this card. I have decided this shade of blue is now one of my favourites. The paper is from K&Company and ties in so perfectly with the lace and the blue Prima flower. As many years as I have known my lovely friend, Jan, I have never made her a special card so this was done for her. Happy Birthday, Jan! May you have many, many more.

The second card was also made from K&Company papers and uses the same layout as the top one. This paper is so great to work with since it's a little thicker than the regular stuff. I always thought it would be fun to design my own paper - I mean, how hard can it be? - but that will have to sit for a while on the back burner with all the other wouldn't it be fun stuff.

Thanks to everyone who regularly visits my site. Your comments are so sweet and much appreciated. Enjoy your week! I'll hopefully have some more posts in the next few days.

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