Monday, January 30, 2012

Loose Button and Luxe Box

Just before Christmas when I was doing my holiday shopping in the way that I normally do - one for them, two for me, I came across a web article on Canadian mail order gift ideas. One of the ideas was a monthly "luxury box" full of cosmetics samples sent to your home. It's called "Luxe Box" by Loose Button and I received the January box today. For $12.00 a month, including shipping, you get 3-5 luxury samples of anything from hair products to cosmetics to creams to perfumes. This month, for some reason, we got an extra little white box with a couple of products in it so that was a nice bonus. Inside, everything is all nicely wrapped in black tissue with a personalized sticker.

The company encloses a card telling you what month box you are receiving and listing all the products, including directions for use and prices.

So....this is my haul for January. Not bad for $12.00!

Unfortunately, I do not wear perfume like I used to since my workplace went scent-free several years ago. As a result, I am left with a cupboard full of evaporating scents. However, the sample sizes might be nice for when I go out as they can be used up in just a few wearings. There are six scents all done up in a little black gauze bag.

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Anonymous said...

Luxe Box looks so fun. I got an invite but...........only for Canadians. Isn't that discrimination or something?
Hugs, IL Friend