Sunday, November 14, 2010

Traditional red and green

As much as I love trying new colour combinations, red and green always looks so Christmasy. The wreath on this is by Jolees and is all bright and sparkly. Photos never seem to show the cards as vividly as they look in person but that could just be the photographer!

My poor Kona.....I had to take him to the vet the other day. I came home from marching in the Remembrance Day parade and saw a blur of fur as he ran to his litter box. He was trying to go but couldn't so off he went to the vet. $500.00 later, I found out he was all bunged up and had to stay for an enema. Luckily, that promptly cleaned him out and I was able to pick him up a couple of hours later. I got some new fibre food for him but he will not touch it (can't say that I blame him judging by the look of it). The vet suggested canned pumpkin (the thought of which turns my stomach) so I'll get some of that and give it a try.

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RekindleMe said...

Another lovely card!

I hope your Kona is feeling better! I have heard that pumpkin works like magic! Please keep us posted!!!